Accelerate your learning by speed reading anything

ShiftReader is a Chrome Extension that helps you speed read online articles, while training your eyes and brain to speed read anything else: no more coloring of letters or only showing you a certain number of words at a time. It implements speed reading techniques that work for reading anything quickly, popularized by Tim Ferriss and Theodore Roosevelt.

Train yourself to speed read anything

ShiftReader conditions your eyes and brain to move and think in certain ways, such as decreasing fixations and increasing horizontal peripheral vision, so that you can speed read any kind of text.

Retain more

ShiftReader helps you retain what you speed read with features like note-taking and comprehension check-ins.

Measure your progress

We make it easy to see how your reading speed and comprehension level have increased over time.


How much are the following worth to you?

  1. A speed reading tool you can use to read online content that also trains you to speed read anything else, while you're using it.
  2. The time you save and the knowledge you gain from reading faster, over a lifetime.

With ShiftReader, you get both. If you aren't satisfied within 30 days of starting a subscription, I'll refund you in full. Thank you for your support, and for helping me to keep improving upon ShiftReader!



That's only two or three coffees a month!
  • Distraction-free, full text, speed reading mode that trains you to speed read anything
  • Customizable settings: e.g. change word marker speed, starting position, font face and color
  • Remember what you read:
    • Take notes on what you read
    • Notes export/backup
    • Comprehension level check-ins
  • Reading statistics: e.g. WPM and comprehension level over time
  • Opportunity to beta test any new features
  • Prioritized support
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